Through the years, our face and body begin to reveal the signs of aging.  Although there is a wide spectrum of cosmetic solutions, patients are increasingly gravitating towards minimally-invasive options that offer natural looking results without surgery or downtime.

Why ThermiTight?

People search for an effective and long-lasting way to combat the signs of aging without surgery. By using radiofrequency energy, skin is heated to stimulate and re-build your body’s own collagen naturally. Let ThermiTight® help you look as young as you feel.  By using radiofrequency energy and a small temperature-controlled probe, your provider will gently heat targeted tissues until the desired endpoint is achieved.

Single Treatment

Manageable downtime

No surgical scarring

For all skin types and tones

Meet the ThermiRF+

The ThermiRF+™ uses temperature-controlled radio frequency technology to gently heat targeted areas of your skin and naturally stimulate collagen, giving you smooth, natural looking results. This multi-modality platform offers ThermiTight®, ThermiSmooth®, ThermiVa®, and more.


ThermiTight Result

Drag the arrow to the left to see the after image and to the right to see the before image.

Before After

Important Safety Considerations

Thermi® radiofrequency products should not be used on patients who are pregnant, have a fever or skin infection in or around the area of application. Expected procedure side effects may include transient pain in procedure area, erythema and edema.